Okay, if I am honest I am struggling to find any substantial evidence that these exact words tumbled from the former F1 supremo’s pursed lips, but I think we could read between the lines of Bernie’s loaded comment:

“The bottom line is, we will have to see whether the new owners are right or not,”

– his reply to Carey’s (pseudo aggressive?) suggestion that the former dictator was perhaps a bit too plentiful with scornful glances in reaction to suggestions that were made that he felt of little interest or value.  Carey has publicly suggested future ideas will be met with a warmer reception, and that that will improve the sport.

There is no doubt that there is a new sheriff in town, with a big smiley face and his relentlessly cheerful moustache that (perhaps) promises to twitch over the words “YES!” from one end of the pit late to the other. Is Bernie a fan of the jolly moustache school of management?  It appears, that at best the Chairman Emeritus is sceptical of the new order of things.

Ecclestone is well known for favouring a totalitarian system over a democracy, in some ways he may of have a point.  A small privy council of intelligent advice (when asked) facilitating a decision one way or the other.

In interview with Brundle earlier this year Ecclestone said of being a dictator:

…out of 10 decisions he would make, 2 would turn out to be wrong, but if there is a committee then only 2 out of ten will be right, and if F1 was to be run by a committee then it would be “unlikely there will a place for me”

The suggestions from the paddock are most likely to be team or driver centric, and not contributing to the moustache wax fund leader’s reserves at all.  Changes cost money, the teams will not want to contribute and the fans will not stand too much more burden, so Liberty might need to have some deep pockets…

I think Carey might need to exercise some caution in the coming 12 months with his liberality and ensure he does not build a reputation for it, or look at gaining new support for using it as a tool, because in the end you will have to start saying “no” and then you could be disappointing and offending many people.

Any redistribution of funds between teams will benefit some, but upset those who will suffer under the new arrangements

If he still had his way I think Carey’s liberal moustache wax would disappear along with all previous non-profitable suggestions into the billionaires big round filing cabinet under his desk?

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