Spanish GP 2017 – Friday Abbreviation

All you need to know from today.

There was a dog captured on film in a Mercedes-AMG, which was untouchably fast because of some new windybits, Hamilton is happy despite being chased through a park by what he thought was a killer clown – turned out to be his old team mate.  He took a number of photos with the Hamisfo, and kissed a baby whilst posting the fastest lap: a 1:21.521 on Medium tyres.  Managed to compensate for his lack of winning laurel wreaths  with a few extra gold neck bangles (Mr T anyone??) at the drivers interviews and tried to be an elder to Verstappen, with some wit.

Red Bull are hoping to try harder tomorrow for some better results.  Finished 5th & 6th, talked about the wind  went to play with a new sticker set.

Kimi blamed a windy track and went to play kickball and scored three nets. Went for a poo and an ice cream. Ferrari had 4 engines in the top eight.

Fernando progressed from last week and managed 200m before the ICE ate itself and threw up oil all over the track, (still he managed some sideways action on  turn 2) but decided on a game of tennis and a few Vino Tinto’s with his fans, celebrating his Spanish GP win…4 years ago…might as well, its that or cry.  Told his team, give me a car or i’m off to Mercedes. Team said OK. They were surprised, Alonso thinks they might risk looking daft soon (!!)

Sauber still keen tc_ns3pjxoaepp75o play with Honda, force india don’t like the rumours that Mercedes are going to give Honda a few playground tips

Bottas is not sure where he is. Jolyon Palmer managed not to crash, rumours of his connection to traffic chaos in the city have been have been talked down by his dad.

The rest you can find yourself.

Steve Barby



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