Is Jolyon Palmer as bad as his critics make him out to be?

If you’ve missed the cascade of criticism that Jolyon Palmer has been subjected to in the last few months you must be both blind and deaf. While social media may have come to a pretty damning conclusion about his talent or lack of it, the British driver must have done something right to have retained […]

via Is Jolyon Palmer as bad as his critics make him out to be? — Anna Duxbury

James Gillett Suggests – He is a good race driver I just dont think F1 is for him

Alex Ryan He’s a gp2 champion. So for a start when we say ‘he’s bad’ he’s more than likely farted out more talent than we will ever have.

He’s clearly suffering from never really having a good weekends back to back (I’ll stand corrected if someone can name a few). Lots of talent, otherwise he wouldn’t be where he is. But no confidence & no consistency. Sad really

Michael Höga Klubban Pedersen Thank you Steve, and also because he hasnt won every single race yet and is better than Verstappen… 🙂
Ohh and how much didnt Telefonica pay to get Alonso in f1? Or Santander to get him to McLaren and Ferrari…

Its getting boring to read all these comments about Stroll’s dad paying $80m to get his son into f1…

Dale Goz Worse..

Phil George Yes I’m afraid he is. Always blames everyone but himself!!
Stuart Davis I always thought that although he’s obviously an amazing driver he just isn’t quite up to f1 standards.
I think he would be fantastic in wec if he could keep his head. But I think Renault need to call time on him to be honest
Simon Hall He is a good driver, all of the current grid are. But he isn’t exceptional like most of them.
Liam Evans He just can’t cut it in F1. Bad start this year….also had bad start last year too. Improved toward the end of the year…but is useless this year.
Gary Loveday I think he is an amazing F1 driver, that is compared to Doris my 80 year old neighbour who drives at 20mph everywhere
Peter Dugmore Bad drivers don’t win GP2 championships
Luke Perryman I’ve got a friend who raced against him in karting and was telling me recently how bad Jolyon was.

Mark Dutton F1 has never had the absolute best 20/20-odd drivers in the world. There has always been pay drivers.

In the event that was eliminated and it truly was just pure talent (and I am dubious that will ever happen), then, sure, Palmer wouldn’t be in the game much longer.

Kurt Riddle I have a hard time seeing him in a seat next year.

Gary Knight He is average driver he should try Indy car or NASCAR

Louis Marshall-jane he has no grit and with poor results and crashes just another pastor maldonado

Brian Glennon All you need to know
Spain, Same car same mechanics same power unit same everything
Hulkenberg P6 Palmer P15 nuff said

Luke Perryman I’ve got a friend who raced against him in karting and was telling me recently how bad Jolyon was.


3 thoughts on “Is Jolyon Palmer as bad as his critics make him out to be?

    • Q – Is Jolyon Palmer really a bad driver ?
      A – Unfortunately it’s not that simple. When I first heard the name my working class prejudice kicked in and I am ashamed to say i automatically knew everything about him I would ever need to. Here was another driver who did well in gp2 but not well enough to be promoted on talent so he asked mama and papa to buy him a drive with the family silver that they were going to give the Butler to retire on. Then I saw and heard him, and that impression was reinforced. Then I saw him race, at least sometimes I did. Mostly we saw him crash, wobble and teeter his way around pretty much every illustrious piece of asphalt he was privileged to drive a formula one car at. The more he failed the more I fumed that this is yet another waste of a perfectly good opportunity for a really talented driver wasted on someone with money.


      It’s easy for us to say he is bad but unless you are in that team, looking at the data, talking to the guys there could be perfectly good reasons (and in most cases I and my sure there are) why he didn’t do well. But a truly deserving driver never mentions that stuff and (in most cases) works the problem, drives and tries until there is no hope left.

      There was a brief spell, a ray of hope where he seemed to find his je ne sais quois, he went from terrible to not great to almost acceptable in a few races…….,

      But then he lost it again.

      The simple fact is no one gets to drive a works formula one car unless they can drive like a winner, but formula one is made of more than winners, from John Surtees to Max Verstappen, Nikki Lauder to Sebastian Vettel, they are raw talent incarnate, they have drive and passion, they care about the driving and you can see it whether they are behind the wheel or in front of a camera. If you don’t have that spark you will always be an also ran, never to be promoted, never given a big seat. If you have to pay for it, in my opinion you probably don’t deserve it.

      Jolyon is good but to be in F1 a man needs to be great.


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