We know that the Mercedes design for the 2017 season has been different to that of Ferrari’s in that Mercedes have gone with a longer wheelbase for theirs cars which helps in long high speed corners.

On the flipside, this means that in slow tight corners such as in Monaco, this long wheelbase design must be a disadvantage.

However, Mercedes pilot Valtteri Bottas is confident that it won’t affect their chances of taking the fight to Ferrari.

f1-russian-gp-2017-valtteri-bottas-mercedes-amg-f1.jpgPhoto : LAT Images

Asked if the wheelbase difference is a disadvantage, Bottas said : “No, I think in Spain we have shown strong performance in the last sector. That is all about slow speed corners and corner sequences, which is all about Monaco, so I think we have all the chances to be very strong there.”

Talking about his chances at the 2017 Monaco GP, Bottas said : “Monaco has been okay but always as a team with Williams, we have always been struggling massively in Monaco, so I haven’t had the car yet to be fighting for the top three places like now. So I think anything is possible.

“It’s a track with high importance for qualifying and race with no mistakes, so definitely I will again as always take whatever points and things I can learn from the last weekend and do the maximum on that.”

f1-australian-gp-2017-valtteri-bottas-mercedes-amg-f1-w08.jpgPhoto : LAT Images

It is true what Valtteri said about comparing Spain S3 to Monaco because if you look at the qualifying fastest sector 3 times from the Spanish GP, Mercedes were the quickest at 27.6s with Ferrari 0.4 s off.

Big weekend for Valtteri Bottas as he looks to swing momentum back his way following the engine disaster in Spain.

Feature image : Sutton Images

– Aditya Bhat.

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