Monaco GP – The Worlds Ugliest Supermodel?

All week I have tried to talk to friends about the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix, my enthusiasm has been met with a wall of indifference or comments that infer that it will  be pointless watching it, doomed to be the most boring procession on the F1 calendar,  where the qualifying order will dictate the finishing order, Hamilton favourite to be on the top step.

I disagree. I think it is a superb weekend overall for motor racing.


Glitz and showmanship – James Hunt at Monaco

For me this is a special race, an important part of the F1 season and the glitz and glam of F1.  The Monaco Grand Prix is full of charm, history and as well as being a technically challenging circuit.  It’s a tough track – its course laid out in the streets of the old town with many elevation changes, tight corners and my favourite feature – the tunnel. (I do miss the screaming V10’s through there) drivers going from blinding light to almost darkness and then entering back into more blinding light meaning they have to rely on their nerve and skills for a few seconds whilst their senses adjust.   This will all be very interesting with this years’ wider cars which might produce challenges like the late 90’s – inevitable crashes through difficult manoeuvrability which could all add up to it being one of the most demanding tracks so far this year.

Despite the relatively low average speeds, it is a dangerous place to race and this year the wall might claim a few more people as the drivers mis-judge their inches, that never gets dull to me.

We will probably get to see the long-standing track record broken by the pole sitter

EDIT 25/02/2017 : Monaco GP: Hamilton sets fastest ever lap 

, DRS not is likely to play a huge role, which I like.  Let’s also not forget McLaren, the team that has won there more times than any other team,  know a thing or two about it.  They are bringing (promising?) engine upgrades and Jenson!

Will we see Kimi on the podium? The track suits Red Bull and their lack of top speed is unlikely to cause an issue.  We get to see if the much discussed extra wheelbase of the Mercedes-AMG is going to be a handicap… Inevitable injections of safety car randomness, could all result in a good race.

Rain would be nice.

monaco2017.jpgYes, it is a bit of a celebrity race for the rich and beautiful people and the only bus stop I am rich or beautiful enough to stand by is the one by the fish and chip shop, but I love the Razzmatazz if I am honest.  We are going to have a sunny weekend so I intend on having a cold beer, sunglasses on and feet in a paddling pool.  Closest I am going to get.

Then it is on to the Indy 500, let’s see Fonzy on the Le Mans circuit in the next year or two the triple crown is quite a rare thing these.

Monaco boring?  My opinion is that accolade should go to Sochi, sorry guys.

Steve Barby



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