Mercedes will quit Formula 1 2018 – Eddie Jordan

Ex-Formula 1 owner Eddie Jordan and part time pundit believes Mercedes will quit Formula 1 at the end of next season and focus on developing engines.

Jordan, in interview with Auto Bild, reckons that the current F1 outfit will walk away from F1 at the end of the 2018 season, he thinks they will “pull the plug” as the only way is down.

jordan“Because Mercedes have won everything and can only get worse from now. So it’s better to go back to their old core business in Formula 1, which is developing and delivering high tech engines.”.

“I think they will go for the titles this and next year and then the board of directors in Stuttgart will decide to sell the team and stay only as an engine maker.”

There is was no hint of inside knowledge so I assume he knows more than he is letting on,  or this was one of his “hunches” or just , advice..  as he later added “I would”

My opinion is that this is just Eddie being Eddie.

Toto Wolff has since responded to Jordan’s claims as:


 and simply

 ‘mischievous speculation’




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