Ferrari parted company with chief designer PU designer Sassi


If the Italian press is correct then it would appear that orders from the very top have emerged from “secret Maranello rooms” that the F1 team have removed chief PU designer Lorenzo Sassi from office despite the boost in performance he has created, with the gap in performance to Mercedes reduced or even non-existent.

No doubt rumours will start to circulate as to the reasons why, but the first reason that sprung to my mind was the oil burning saga. In the last few days, the FIA has reissued its warning against the practice and many pundits feel the finger was mainly pointed at the Ferrari qualifying power. Renault has not helped in fueling this particular fire.

Was this a pre-emptive or strike or friendly tap on the shoulder in order to dodge another FIA bullet? Details have not been released, Maranello have refused to comment to any media and Vettel suggested all reporters should seek advice from “higher up”

Further reports will no doubt follow.


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