Torro Rosso car “ineligible” for Silverstone

Oop’s it would seem ( that Torro Rosso has tried cutting some dangerous corners ahead of Thursdays scrutineering at Silverstone by presenting Carlos Sainz’s car in an ‘unsafe condition’.

The damage was found to a wheel tether on Sainz’s car. The curious thing is that the FIA seems to have given the team a chance to rectify the problem but they simply refused.

A note from the FIA technical department said: “During initial scrutineering car number 55 was found to have a damaged wheel tether.”

“The team refused to follow the instructions of the scrutineers and therefore the technical delegate checked the damaged tether himself and found that the tether was not only damaged but also several cut fibres were knotted together.

“Therefore the team was aware of the damaged tether and presented the car in an unsafe condition for scrutineering.”

As a default, under the regulations, this renders Sainz’ car “ineligible” for entry into the British Grand Prix event. At this stage, none of this makes any sense at all.

More information will be forthcoming, no doubt.


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