Ferrari Commits Double Suicide

Singapore 2017:

I was looking forward to that. Weather reports insinuating rain, my engine mode was set to “full anticipation” My mind’s eye was anticipating that Seb would come out od corner one in first place, pressured by Verstappen, Alonso would make up 3 or 4 places and the wet track which would take forever to dry in the humid conditions would lead to a dramatic and irregular mix of situations that may well allow me to recline back in my chair and enjoy an unadulterated monkey bath of a GP.

Sadly we ended up with quite a predictable caravan of leftovers and I feel, frankly cheated. This was NOT a rookie mistake, in my judgment, Vettel caused the chaos and possibly kissed goodbye to the Ferrari title fight, the top drivers were removed and we were left watching a “what if it was just a best of the rest title fight” and it was boring. Safety car after safety car.

Has the Ferrari comeback backfired spectacularly?

I can see Vettel’s point. Facing frontwards there was little to see until after the crash happened, but his choice of trajectory was only ever going to end one way, and he DOES have mirrors.

The only thing of note was Hulkenberg achieved his no podium record, which is not something you need to be remembered for.

One thing that has been reemphasized today, irrespective of your preference, It’s not racing without Ferrari, but they may have just handed Mercedes the championship again.


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