Vettel should prove his manliness “out of the car face to face” – Lewis

The 2017 Baku Grand prix was not without its highlights and there will be many stories that will come as a result over the next few days, but as well as headlines there were many incidents. By far … Source: Vettel should prove his manliness “out of the car face to face” – Lewis

Thursday Press Conference Transcripts

08/06/2017 PART ONE: Fernando ALONSO (McLaren), Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes), Jolyon

Vettel needs to retire at least once, otherwise it’s over – Lauda

These quotes are taken from a recent conversation between Mercedes non-executive chairman Niki Lauda and Austria's largest newspaper the Krone.

Monaco GP – The Worlds Ugliest Supermodel?

For me this is a special race, an important part of the F1 season and the glitz and glam of F1. The Monaco Grand Prix is full of charm, history and as well as being a technically challenging circuit.


Aditya Bhat - Asked if the wheelbase difference is a disadvantage, Bottas said : “No, I think in Spain we have shown strong performance in the last sector. That is all about slow speed corners and corner sequences, which is all about Monaco, so I think we have all the chances to be very strong there.”

The Devil is in the DRS

For years being a devoted Ferrari fan must have been a bit like having a rat licking fetish during the plague ...and DRS perhaps just denied the Tifosi the most promising battle of wits, skills and wills witnessed for several years…