Is Vandoorne showing Alonso up?

Many say Alonso is the best driver in the world.  This may be so, or it might be more evident if he could finish a race, but if it is, and we take a look at the current driver standing we might also make a couple of assumptions that:

Alonso gives McLaren Until The Summer Break

"I am hopeful that things will improve, but from September or October I will be open to any kind of negotiation, whether with McLaren or any other team."

Honda Testing Debriefing – Inside Info

...and I am sure it was pretty close to this... and only seemingly going one way..  

Monaco GP – The Worlds Ugliest Supermodel?

For me this is a special race, an important part of the F1 season and the glitz and glam of F1. The Monaco Grand Prix is full of charm, history and as well as being a technically challenging circuit.

Alonso Qualified in 3rd Place

.3 of a MPH from the top.. Not a shabby effort after he was crowned the best driver in the world, according to McLaren CEO Zak Brown.

Spanish GP 2017 – Friday Abbreviation

All you need to know from Spain, FP1

Why McLaren Should Not Ditch Honda

Why McLaren should stick with the Honda deal